How to Apply on paper


Please prepare your application with the following items in the order listed below. The quality and completeness of an application directly impacts the duration of the evaluation process. 


  1. Application cover sheet. Please note: the cover sheet must contain the original signature of the chief executive or top ranking official.
  2. Narrative - Submit no more than two (2) single-spaced pages and provide the information in the order requested.
    • Brief history of organization; mission; services provided; geographic area served; and number of beneficiaries
    • Description of project for which funding is requested. Identify the need for the project, current status, and a timeline for implementation
    • Description of total cost of project, the amount of the request, what grant funds will purchase, and, if relevant, how the organization anticipates raising the balance.
    • Explain how the project will be sustained in the future
    • Identify the project director and describe their qualifications
  3. Complete an itemized project budget form. You may add as many lines as necessary to the worksheet. Formulas in the worksheet will automatically total the amounts entered.
  4. Provide a list of the board of directors with affiliations for each member
  5. Download and complete the board member contributions form. List individual board member cash contributions to the applicant organization within the past 12 months. Click here for an explanation of board giving.
  6. Provide a representative list of contributors during the preceding two fiscal years (please limit to one page), including amounts granted by each.
  7. Provide information regarding your organization's finances. If an organization's current annual operating expense budget is $500,000 or greater, the Foundation requires a financial statements presentation that complies with Rasmuson Foundation’s Financial Statement format. Click here for more information about the Financial Statement format.
  8. All organizations:
    • A financial statement* for the most recently completed fiscal year (please remember to identify the fiscal year).
    • Current fiscal year financial statement*.
    • Current fiscal year operating budget, showing anticipated sources of both revenues and expenses.
    • *A financial statement includes a statement of financial position (also known as a balance sheet) and a statement of activities (also known as an income statement, P/L statement, or statement of revenues and expenses).
  9. Requests for technology follow a slightly different process and require additional written documentation to supplement the application. Click here for complete instructions.
  10. The Application Checklist is a tool to help you review your application for completeness. Do not submit this form with your application. 
Application format:
  • Applications must be typed.
  • Use plain white, standard 8 1/2 x 11" paper, single-sided, with 1" margins and a font size no smaller than 10 points.
  • Submit the original and one (1) photocopy of all materials.
  • Do not use staples, binders or elaborate packaging.
  • Submit only requested materials.

Mail your application to:
  Rasmuson Foundation
  301 West Northern Lights Blvd., Ste 400
  Anchorage, AK 99503

The Foundation does not accept applications sent via fax or email.

You can also submit your Tier 1 application online here.

If you have a question about the eligibility of your organization or the application process, contact Rasmuson Foundation. Rasmuson Foundation encourages applicants to call or meet with staff to discuss proposals prior to submission.

Grant procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.