Organizational Advancement Fund

The Rasmuson Foundation recognizes that healthy, stable organizations are critical to the development of a diverse and vibrant cultural community in Alaska. The ability of organizations to deliver quality arts and cultural programs is greatly affected by their leadership, fiscal health, and management capacity.

The Organizational Advancement Fund was created to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of organizations that provide arts and cultural experiences to the citizens of Alaska by encouraging sustainable operations and strong leadership.

Three competitive funding programs are offered to strengthen management and governance, increase resources, build effective systems, and align the mission and programs of applicant organizations. The grant programs are not tied to the size of an organization's budget, but rather to the unique needs of organizations at various stages of development and maturity.

The following programs are available:

  • Management Assistance
    This program awards grants of up to $5,000 for activities that address pressing organizational needs or opportunities to build the internal capacity of organizations that provide arts and cultural services to their communities.

  • Cultural Leadership
    This program awards grants of up to $3,000 for professional development opportunities. The program is designed to help professional staff, board, and/or volunteers working in Alaska's art and cultural non-profits access the tools, develop practical skills, and cultivate the support systems they need to be successful leaders.

  • Effective Organizations
    This structured technical assistance and grant program helps arts and cultural organizations address critical internal issues and, in the process, makes them better equipped to fulfill their missions and improve their service to their communities. Funding is based upon the outcomes of an assessment and planning process. This program requires a considerable commitment of time by both the staff and board of applicant organizations.


Alaskan-based organizations that have received 501(c) (3) status from the internal Revenue Service and are classified as "not a private foundation" under section 509 (a) or the Code, or organizations with equivalent status.

Organizations must have been in existence at least two years and have a record of public arts or cultural programming.


Application for the Management Assistance or Cultural Leadership program is accepted on an ongoing basis. Please submit applications at least 90 days prior to proposed activity. Applications submitted after the activity will not be considered.

Letters of interest for the Effective Organizations program must either be delivered to the Foundation or postmarked by November 1st annually.


Management Assistance and Cultural Leadership grants are limited to one per organization per year. Effective Organizations assistance and grants are limited to one per organization every five (5) years. Grant recipients must complete their project and close the grant before a new request will be considered.